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We have  expertise for overseas procurement.

Are these some of the problems YOU have?

  • Worried about overseas procurement in case of defective products.
  • Not getting the products after payment.
  • Getting something different from the drawing.

Don’t worry, and please let us handle your problem!

We can lower the price of the product by 30%. We can also lower the mold price by 50%.

Price competition is severe nowadays, but we can make your product prices lower by 30% compared to domestic products. If you work with us, it is also possible to lower your mold prices by 50%. We will choose the best factory out of 8 in China, and 3 in Vietnam that matches your products’ quality.
We have our mold factory and our stamping factory together, so extra profit margin would NOT be charged.
If you are distressed about cutting costs, PLEASE CONTACT US!
We have your solution!

We offer Japan-high-quality products from overseas.

RIMG1088_R Our overseas procurement is Japan-quality!
All our partner factories are well experienced with Japanese companies.
Quality is double checked domestically with the manufacturer, so we would not miss the defective products.
If you were ever worried about the quality of oversea products, PLEASE CONTACT US!

We will get back to you TOMORROW at the earliest, and will manufacture within the minimum of 20 days!

Do you think it’s “normal” to have to wait for a long time until you get your quotation and products? At Sakaikinzoku,we will get back to you TOMORROW at the earliest and will deliver your products after 20 days minimum. We can be faster than domestic factories depending on your conditions.

Examples of Products


RIMG0656_R_R-200x150 Processing in the press mold is the most advantage of that unit price is very cheap, but that the initial cost of the mold is expensive is the disadvantage.
By switching to overseas procurement, it is also possible to 50% downthan Japan the mold cost.

 Details of the press working is here


Cold forging (cold heading)

IMG_4058_R_R_R It is a processing method of mass production orientation.
Is there a problem of tolerance, but the big cost will be possible by changing to cold forging from machining.
Initial cost is suppressed mold cost will be expensive, but you do overseas procurement, cost advantages will appear more.

 Details of cold working is here


Carbide processing

RIMG0569_R It is used in cutting tools, such as molds and parts that are required to wear very hard.
Because of the cost of the wire cut time, the step of polishing, cost reduction is possible in overseas procurement of cheap labor costs.
About 5 days, delivery of goods in a week is also possible in the shortest production with the Shenzhen factory.

 Details of carbide processing is here



ダイカスト5_R One of the die casting process, die casting is a method of pouring the zinc and aluminum dissolved mainly precision molds. Productivity is suitable for mass production high.
The mold is also a long life can be manufactured in complex shapes than the casting other methods, the mold cost is more expensive than the other casting.
Mold cost can be about 30% down by performing the overseas

 Details of the die-casting is here


Lost-wax process

ロストワックス1_R Lost wax is characterized by that the mold is less expensive than other methods of casting.
If there is a possibility that the shape changes, it is suitable for production in small lots.
Mold is a cheap product and cost performance is possible processing cost also pressed strongly by performing overseas procurement.

 Details of the lost wax is here


Processing of machining cutting other

RIMG0230_R_R1 Images are processed using a cutting tool to machine NC lathe, a machining center or the like.
It is suitable for the production of medium-lot from a small lot for the initial cost of the mold, etc. is not applied compared with other processing.
It is often considered the production of small lots and not suitable for overseas procurement, the cost benefit is issued even if the small lot (100 ~) If the product number of processing steps in many cases.



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